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RK- Sure Thing  
07:03pm 04/05/2011
I'm Kaye...Shit Son!
So this is my very first RK video....i just wanted to try it. but anyways hope you guys like it.

How Ya Feelin': accomplished
Whatcha Listenin' To: S&M- Rhianna & Britney
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06:17am 02/06/2010
I'm Kaye...Shit Son!
A month ago...I asked Maika, patty13Mai on youtube if she could make a video to Shawn Desman's Shiver..and today she posted it up. I love it.

Its a mix of R/K and B/E..

anyways here it is.

thank you again Maika!

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Shiver- Shawn Desman  
10:17am 15/05/2010
I'm Kaye...Shit Son!
So.. I fell in love with this song and thought i should post it

And every time you're close I
Shiver, shiver, shiver
Every time we kiss I
Shiver, shiver, shiver
I gotta catch my breath (breath)
So caught up that I forget (forget)
Every time you're close I
Shiver, shiver, shiver

Where Are You: home
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SOTD: When You Say- Gabe Bondoc  
09:05pm 20/01/2010
I'm Kaye...Shit Son!
So yesterday..I didnt put up a song cuz I just passed out lol. Works been crazy busy. But anywhoo..I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. Its like so cute. lol

I remember the first time
it's always playing in my mind
I've never felt like this before
and every time that you kiss me
feels like I'm having a sweet dream
and i'mma never feel the way i do with anyone else
my pulse is racing
when I see your face and
here is what you're doing to me
when you
when you say
you love
love me
I can feel my heart
beat beat
race behind my chest
every time is the first time
so I pretend it's the last time
that I'mma ever hear you say those words
three little words
I wanna hold you forever
I promise that I ain't never
never ever gonna let you go
I want you to know

3 RK pics for you cuz I just felt like posting them. and cuz this song reminded me of it
Where Are You: my bed of course
How Ya Feelin': draineddrained
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SOTD: Tonight is Your Night-Jesse McCartney  
10:40pm 18/01/2010
I'm Kaye...Shit Son!
Cause there's a million voices calling for me
When the lights go down
All you hear is the sound of

Me calling you
You're the only one that I call, I do
In my bed no one else will lay
It's just for you tonight, it's just for you
And I can't wait for my eyes to see
Your birthday suit, it fits perfectly
This kiss for you, yeah just for you
Tonight you're the girl that I call, I do
You got me saying
To - to - to tonight is your night girl

RK potd
Where Are You: my bed
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For You- David Ryan Harris  
07:01pm 17/01/2010
I'm Kaye...Shit Son!
I love this song..its just the cutest <3 For some reason, I would love to hear Rob sing this. if only...

And I think I'm gonna start adding a pic of RK that somehow reminds me of the song I post.

Here it is:
Where Are You: the floor
How Ya Feelin': okayokay
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Music Posts (Song of the Day)  
04:43pm 16/01/2010
I'm Kaye...Shit Son!
Well hello..
So lately I've been thinking I should use this journal more, since I dont use it at all. I've decided that I'm gonna be posting music everyday. It will be based on what I feel or what's stuck in my head. I listen to everything so it will be from various artists.

Im gonna start it off with this song since last night was a gong show. I think I might've partied it a little bit to hard. But it was fun, I'm not gonna lie. The aftermath though, sucks. I still have a hangover, ive drank tylenol and alot of water and its still here...GUH its almost 5pm.

Anyways here's my first song. Enjoy

Put It On My Tab- Sammie ft. Trey Songz

Where Are You: My bed
How Ya Feelin': drunkdrunk
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Dear John Trailer...so cute  
10:45pm 07/11/2009
I'm Kaye...Shit Son!
I hope one day Rob and Kristen can make a movie based on one of Nicholas Sparks's book.

Oh and guess who the producer is: Wyck Godfrey. Sound familiar.

Where Are You: my bed
Whatcha Listenin' To: Superman- D'Mile
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My Life Be like Ooh aaH.  
01:18am 14/05/2009
I'm Kaye...Shit Son!
 Life is not predictable though many want it to be.
People make mistakes for a reason. 
It could either be good or bad.
But we all have to deal with it cuz no one is perfect.
I, myself, am nowhere near perfect.
Some people have it easy and some people have it hard.
People live life differently.
I eat when im bored.
I'm vulnerable to believing lies.
Though I wish life was easy, I cannot say that.
I'm hoping that one day i wont need a fake smile.
That I could walk around with no worries reflecting off my face.
People will try to bring you down and people will try to cheer you up.
I live by the quotes that explain exactly what im going through.
I know someday someone will sweep me off my feet.
I have loved and lost very important people that helped me get to where I am in this world.
I have bestfriends and enemies.
There will be times when I may be mad at you, but i will never hate you.
To my friends and family that have come and gone, I would like to thank you for everything.
I have memories that i will cherish forever, and bad ones that need to be erased.
People mess up, which can put a hold on things.
I have drama, but I guess everyone has there own story.
It's ok, like I have said...Life is not predictable. 
But again, everyone's human...
I'm only human, i make mistakes too
All i have to say is : THAT'S LIFE


my fave quote:"we were given: two hands to hold. to legs to walk. two eyes to see. two ears to listen. but why only one heart? because the other was given to someone else. for us to find."
Where Are You: bedroom
How Ya Feelin': accomplished
Whatcha Listenin' To: sure thing-miguel
tags: life
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01:45am 31/03/2009
I'm Kaye...Shit Son!
 So I was talking with my friends and i guess i was in the mood and stumbled across the poem Julia Stiles read out loud in the movie 10 things I hate about YOU!! I decided that..i should make one..

but i didnt want it to be hate...cuz i love ROBSTEN

so anyways...i dont know how to post ..im lost and confused..

HERE IT GOES...Collapse )
Where Are You: Bedroom
How Ya Feelin': confusedconfused
Whatcha Listenin' To: Chasing Pavements
tags: poem, robsten
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